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I want to add or remove products on my orderUpdated 2 years ago

We have limited options to change your order once you’ve confirmed it and that's because the data is synced into our warehouse management system for picking, packing and dispatching.

Business Days:
During times when our warehouse team are picking and packing items for dispatch, orders are locked down and unable to be edited. Usually, these times are during business days; however, during peak times, our team may pack orders over the weekend.

In this case, if you wanted to add products, you would need to complete a new order, and if you wanted to remove an item, because we are unable to make changes, the order will be shipped to you and you’ll need to follow our returns process.

Weekends or After Business Hours:
If you've reached out to us outside business hours or on the weekend, we can usually make changes to your order because our team isn't packing orders.
Reach out to us so we can check the status and try to accommodate your requests.

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