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PayPal Buyer ProtectionUpdated 2 years ago

PayPal is looking out for you if something goes wrong

If your eligible PayPal purchase doesn’t go as planned, they will help you make it right with Buyer Protection.

Shop with confidence

If your order is significantly different to the description or doesn’t arrive, you have 180 days to file a dispute. It could be that you didn’t receive everything you bought, or the item was defective or damaged. PayPal can protect you for the full purchase price plus shipping costs, up to $20,000 per item.

To protect your purchase, make sure you:

  • Pay with PayPal

  • Keep your PayPal account in good standing

We’re here to help

If something does go wrong with an eligible purchase, it's best for you to contact us first. We always do our best resolve any complaints immediately.

If we were unable to resolve your issue, you'll can file a dispute within 180 days. To do so, log in to your PayPal account and find the transaction in your Activity. Click on the transaction then Contact the seller, and follow the prompts. We’ll open up the lines of communication between you and the seller so you can decide together how to resolve the problem. If you can’t agree, escalate the dispute to a claim and we’ll determine an outcome for you. You must escalate it to a claim within 20 days of filing it, otherwise your dispute will automatically close.

You can view more information about PayPal Buyer Protection here.

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